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Dalibor Karvay- an insatiable striving for violinistic brilliance

Dalibor Karvay began his musical life at the tender age of three, with both his father and later his mentor Prof. Boris Kuschnir equally quick to discover

and nurture Karvay’s extraordinary affinity for playing the violin. His journeys as a musical wunderkind led him to perform as a soloist with famous orchestras as he rapidly raked in victories at prestigious international music competitions and even appeared before HRH The Prince of Wales and Pope St. John Paul II.

The 2004 documentary “Stradivari – Search for Perfection” follows Dalibor Karvay’s worldwide quest for the ideal violin and the perfect sound:

an uncompromising pursuit that has lasted until this very day. Karvay is permanently driven to play his violin with utter precision and flawless purity.

His tireless journey has led him to a dream career as a world-renowned, award-winning soloist.

In 2020, he was appointed first concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Dalibor Karvay has been teaching violin at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna since 2014.


Join one of the most ingenious, yet self-critical contemporary violinists’ unstoppable pursuit of consistent sonic purity and excellence.


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